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Why Us?


We've distilled the training process.

We focus on performance improvement. All of our learning outcomes, performance objectives, will expect you to demonstrate your new skills as part of the training. At the end you will know, "I can do this!"

Our training follows a consistent and proven design model. You may have heard the acronyms (SAT, ISD, etc.). We have distilled all of that into our Rapid Training Design (RTD) approach that assures positive training outcomes every time.


We add value.

We offer the best value you will find, both in time and money. Our focus on specific performance keeps our courses succinct and to the point. Your time will be used to learn only what you need right now - what is immediately relevant.

Second, our courses are priced to be affordable for all budgets. We want all of you to have access to our materials.

Do you want to learn how to build a watch, or how to tell time? We can do both, but we know not to confuse the two in the same training session.


We have experience.

We are a team of professional trainers with decades of experience at the working levels of all kinds of organizations, including U.S. Military, small business, Fortune 500, and more.

Our successes include both technical and soft/leadership skills development. In all areas, we will keep things focused so we don't waste your time. We are just like you. We want to gain the skills we need and move on with our lives.

Your Options

Take A Course

Our courses are professionally designed and developed to help individuals and organizations improve performance. Every course meets our exacting Rapid Training Design (RTD) performance-based training standards. 

Build A Course

Our team is always looking for new course ideas, content, and talent. If you have an idea for a course, content you'd like to build into a course, or want to become an instructor, contact us to learn how to get started.  

Host A Course

If you are an experienced trainer or instructor with lessons, courses, and content, we'd love to talk with you about us hosting your material. Contact us, and we'll discuss your options and then help you leverage your work through us.

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Let's Talk. Join Us. 

We are looking for qualified trainers to join our team. Do you already have training materials, or ideas for great courses? Click the link below for more information.

You may qualify to join our performance based training team in one of two ways:

1. You are a trainer or instructor with existing performance based courses you want us to host. If you aren't sure, ask yourself:

  • Are your learners given defined outcomes or performance objectives?
  • Will they be expected to demonstrate their performance?
  • If you are not sure, you may need to take the RTD courses, especially RTD 1 & 2.

2. You have great ideas for training courses you would like to develop.

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