Money Temperament

DYMT Journal for Christians 1

Discover Your Money Temperament Journal for Christians, V. 1.0

Don’t Let Money Make You Crazy

Your Money Behavior Journey

You have dealt with money and spending situations since you were a child pleading for a treat in a grocery store. From there to now has been your money journey so far. However, you may feel that you have had no control, that you have been moved by things you don’t really understand. You have heard about or even studied budgeting or investing or “planning for retirement.” It can all be so confusing.

Don’t let money make you crazy!

The Money Behavior System™ slogan is, ”One Size Fits One,” or in personal terms, “Your size fits you.” For most of you, the challenge is finding, “Your Size.”

The Money Temperament books, and this journal will help you find “your size” before money makes you crazy.

Let’s get you started on your journey through your money temperament.