Discover Your Entrepreneurial Temperament (ET)

Instructors :

This course is designed to help you discover your unique Entrepreneurial Temperament (ET) and teach you how to use it to build your business – and thrive.

Entrepreneurs are special people. They are dreamers, visionaries, and go-getters. Their world is dynamic and fast-paced. They are 100% responsible and accountable and for everything they do and fail to do.

Many tasks and duties, especially when launching a new venture, require unique behavioral traits and skills. Knowing what they are and the degree you possess these traits and skills will save you time and money, and significantly increase your odds of your success.

This course is based on the book Money Makes Me Crazy, How I Squandered Millions Building The FUBU Empire by FUBU co-founder and entrepreneur J. Alexander Martin, and author and entrepreneur Ted McLyman.