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Don't let bad design kill your great content!

Face it. A lot of training and most presentations aren't very good. The problem is not the content. Nor is it the presenter. YOUR problem is bad design.

This is the Affordable Training Design System You've Been Searching For

Learn The Secrets Fortune 500 Companies, the U.S. Military, and Training Professionals Use to Create Training Programs, Online Courses, and Presentations That Work

You have a training problem ...

So, you think you want to do training. Or, you have to do training because your organization needs training and you have been selected. Now what do you do? Do you want to provide effective training, or just get by?

Assuming that you want to provide effective training, we at Pathfinder Coaches offer three levels of Rapid Training Design (RTD), based on your need.

  • For the one-time or crisis situation we offer  RTD Level 1: Survival Training Skills - Emergency Survival Skills for Trainers. This band-aid starting point will get you through one or two classes in OK shape.
  • What’s next? You first effort went pretty well. Now, how can you do even better? Can you really improve the performance of others? For you we offer RTD 2: Become A Trainer - Beyond Training Survival.

For many of you RTD levels 1 and 2 will be sufficient. You need a few classes around a limited amount of information.

  • What about training programs for your whole organization? For you we offer RTD Level 3: Become A Training Designer - Train Your Organization.

Someone once said, “Doing training is like playing a guitar. It is very easy to do poorly.”

Check it out! You might be surprised that building effective training is often easier than doing training poorly.

Do you have a training process?

Does it create good training that works?

Your students, clients, and audiences are demanding. They want training and presentations that work - answer a question, solve a problem, improve their skills, and never waste their time and money.

But, you may think to yourself, "I can I do this. I just found this 'super easy to use, revolutionary, get it now, all-in-one, change your business, change your life, while working part time' training solution on Facebook." Really?

Creating good training and presentations is a process. It begins with analysis and design, not technology. But, if you allow the technology to drive the process, you are doing it backwards.

The secret ...

All pros have a system

As professional trainers we follow a system or process to design training and presentations. Our training system exists to accomplish one or more goals. It gives form and structure to the design process and produces outcomes that work and continue to work.

This training system is:

  • An investment
  • Uses various tools and technologies
  • A performance philosophy that emphasizes results over activity
  • A quality assurance process that produces programs and outcomes that are measurable, objective, predictable, reliable, accountable, and continual

Rapid Training Design System

Simple and Affordable

But you still may be thinking, "Wait a minute. I am a subject matter expert (SME). I know my stuff. I can use this clever program to put what I know into a colorful package. How hard can it be?"

Very hard. Be careful. Don't confuse subject matter expertise with good training design. Many do. These are different skills.

Think about this. "Have you ever taken a course or attended a presentation from a noted expert but left disappointed because the course or presentation was poorly designed and delivered?" Sure, you have. Everyone has.

So we decided it is time to offer an effective and efficient training design system for all of you who needs an easy way to create high-quality training.

Welcome to the Rapid Training Design System

Survival Training Skills 

Emergency Survival Skills for Trainers

Introduction to training design. This is an easy, no-frills course. You will learn the basic skills necessary to design, develop, and deliver an effective training session.

Learn How To:

  • Choose key topics
  • Prepare student materials
  • Prepare visual aids

Become A Trainer

Beyond Training Survival

Learn how to prepare training programs that include all of the elements of effective training.

Learn How To:

  • Write performance objectives
  • Write practices and skill checks
  • Present training

Become A Training Designer

Train Your Organization

The RTD-1 and RTD-2 modules gave you all of the skills required to prepare a lesson or series of lessons around a single task. That brings you up to the trainer level.

The RTD-3 modules move you into the next level of training designer, or senior trainer.

Learn How To:

  • Analyze jobs and tasks
  • Write job aids and procedures
  • Select tasks for training

Three Options to Meet All Your Needs

These are our most popular training design and development courses.

Survival Training Skills 

Emergency Survival Skills for Trainers



  • Answers the question – Help! What do I do first?
  • Focus your thinking with this short 1-hour lesson
  • Immediately organize a lesson without panic
  • Immediately identify your topics or subjects
  • Quickly prepare the essentials of a training lesson

Use Discount Code: RTD30

RTD-1&2 Bundle: 
Become A Trainer

Beyond Training Survival


  • Answers the question – What do I do next?
  • Expand on what you have accomplished
  • Become a recognized Trainer
  • Prepare a series of effective lessons 
  • Measure learner success from training

Use Discount Code: RTD30


The RAPID TRAINING DESIGN BUNDLE is your BEST OPTION. It's less expensive than buying the three courses individually.

If you are serious about training, you need RTD-1, RTD-2, and RTD-3. So, act now and get all three at the DISCOUNTED bundled price.

RTD-3: Train Your Organization is available as a stand-alone course from our course catalog. But why wait?You're saving 30%with the bundle.

Use Discount Code: RTD30

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, within 30 days from the date of purchase, you believe you are not designing better training and presentations, contact us, and we'll refund your course fee.

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Over 40 Years Experience at All Levels

40 plus years as a consultant designing, developing, and delivering performance based training including all manner of technical training, individual development soft skills, and basic leadership. Clients include all sizes from a local sandwich shop to military to fortune 500 multinationals. Just beginning to convert previous courses to online. I tell folks, "I have trained people in everything from how to make a ham sandwich to how to operate an offshore oil platform, to how to solve problems as a call center operator, in both technical and leadership areas."

Fred Parker

Master Trainer & Designer
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